1. little playground for coded stuff, infrequently updated and unsupported.


Emulate a middleclick with triple tap on MacBook trackpad and Magic Mouse.

Download MiddleClick 1.0 | View on GitHub | Donate

Don't Break The Chain App for iPhone!
(i’ve made this app and many people seems to love it, try it!)

w2box file repository

Simple PHP script to list, upload and download files without user management.

Download w2box 4.1 | View the Demo | Donate

World heritage map

Interactive map of UNESCO World Heritage sites (circa 2008).

View the Map


CoverFlow for windows, development now by Mikael under the name coverJuke.

Download Initial 1.0 alpha | CoverJuke on SourceForge

some userscripts

Old greasemonkey scripts.

View the Scripts